Why Triple Glazing?

Heating your home, especially in the winter, is increasingly expensive. Research shows that high performing triple glazed windows can save you up to £400 each year. While double glazing was an improvement on single panes, the industry is moving on and triple glazed windows can only improve the energy efficiency in your house.

Our uPVC frames incorporate triple glazing using the most up to date manufacturing methods. This includes special heavy-duty window hinges to hold the extra weight and thermal trickle vents to reduce condensation.

Benefits of Triple Glazing over Double Glazing

Tripled glazed units as the name suggests have three panes of glass instead of two, and with argon filled gaps between the glass and an extra coating of Low E, provide better insulation.

As well as saving energy, a further benefit of triple glazing is that it reduces noise from the outside – great if you live near a busy road or just prefer peace in your own home.

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