Rehau GENEO® Windows

The Rehau GENEO® window system is currently the most thermally efficient window on the market, and it’s so energy efficient it meets the Passivhaus standards for both windows and doors. Developed to achieve the lowest u-value possible, the GENEO® windows can achieve an overall u-value of just 0.67 W/m²K – that’s overall, not just the glass.


  • Fully self-reinforced window system without additional steel reinforcement, increasing burglar resistance to a much higher level than standard uPVC doors
  • When fabricated with appropriate glass, windows made from GENEO® are Passivhaus certified
  • Reduced closing pressure and noticeably easier opening due to the advanced design
  • The best possible level of sound insulation without steel reinforcement
  • A super smooth high quality finish which not only enhances the appearance, but ensures easy maintenance
  • Made from a high-tech fibre reinforced composite fabric
    material which is recyclable, making it kinder to the environment

Replacement windows geneo profile


With Rehau decorative foils and laquering, you have plenty of colour options to choose from. Foil finishes provide high performance in different weather conditions without colour deterioration or fading.
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